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DISC personality test

Take this free test to determine your DISC personality type and learn your DISC factors of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. This will help to predict your behavior toward others and help you develop your business & personal communication skills.

The test is an online DISC assessment that will calculate your personality DISC profile based on typical daily behavior. It’s quick, free, and without any obligation. Join the millions of agents that take DISC personality tests every single year.

After you complete the free¬†questionnaire we’ll run a complex score calculation to determine your DISC profile and provide you with a unique, personal DISC report broken down into the core personality elements the predict your behavior.

DISC personality test instructions

This test contains 28 groups of four questions. Answer honestly and spontaneously. It should take you only 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

  • Read all the descriptions in each group of four
  • Select the one description that you consider most like you most like you
  • Study the remaining three choices in the same group
  • Select the one description you consider least like you least like you

Select the one most like you and only one least like you.

Sometimes it may be difficult to decide which description to select. Remember there are no right or wrong answers in this DISC personality test, so just make the best decision you can.

Choose one Thumb Up and one Thumb Down in each box

Responsive Conscientious Expressive Dominant
Fearful Amiable Extroverted Aggressive
Forceful Introverted Easygoing Impulsive
Controlled Talkative Decisive Conventional
Original Gentle Persuasive Humble
High-spirited Thorough Eager Willing
Fussy Playful Firm Obedient
Agreeable Tactful Magnetic Insistent
Brave Submissive Timid Inspiring
Neighborly Restless Careful Appealing
Enthuastic Satisfied Diplomatic Daring
Helpful Optimistic Respectful Pioneering
Cheerful Strong-willed Obliging Reserved
Sympathetic Impartial Confident Assertive
Modest Poised Observant Impatient
Patient Soft spoken Sociable Self-reliant
Generous Well-disciplined Animated Persistent
Even-tempered Direct Precise Jovial
Perceptive Independent Kind Stimulating
Contented Compliant Captivating Demanding
Moderate Insightful Adventurous Outgoing
Friendly Accurate Outspoken Calm
Charming Loyal Logical Bold
Considerate Competitive Private Joyful
Cooperative Argumentative Light-hearted Systematic
Refined Lenient Vigorous Good mixer
Convincing Cautious Good Natured Determined
Introspective Stubborn Attractive Predictable